VOPAK –  Panama Terminal Expansion – Civil Works & EPC Sheet Piling Works Manifold 301


This project consisted of the construction of the Tank Pit Manifold, which
consisted of a 25m x 51m sheet pile perimeter with an internal division to
create two adjacent chambers with different elevations. The works consisted of the installation of the sheet piling, the fabrication and installation of precast concrete micropiles, excavation and earthfill works, the construction of 1.2m thick reinforced concrete slabs for the manifold topping and drainage trenches and pedestals upon which to install the pumps.

The works were carried out in accordance with the contractual and regional seismic criteria.

VOPAK – Panama Terminal Expansion – Marine Works BLM1A

MPSA – Jetty Facility

MIT – Berth 8

MPSA – Intake Concrete Caisson