“Given the high quality of execution in each of the phases, it was not necessary to reject or repeat any of the stages of the work. The labor trained to carry out the assigned work and the organization of the technicians on the site and the offices, ensured that there were no interruptions or inconveniences to the continuity of the contract.

Efraín Isaza C.
Contract Officer
Inspection and Administration of Works, Contracts Division
Panama Canal Authority

“This complex project culminated in a high level from IMI, on time and within budget – and it was no easy task. We can only recommend IMI very highly for its proactive management, professionalism and honest honesty at all times. It is our intention to re-use IMI services, not only in Panama, but within the region where we have port facilities of the same nature, which require construction or expansion. ”

A. Brian Dingwall
Recruitment Manager
Hutchinson Port Holdings

“MIT was able to value the efforts of quality and execution by its dedicated workers and the personal attention demonstrated by the owners of IMI during construction. MIT has worked with other contractors who have not fulfilled IMI standards, so we can make a difference. The ability of your company to provide the right personnel, equipment and, especially, the attitude to face the challenges presented to us during this last phase, are highly recognized. ”

David Michou
Director of Management
Manzanillo International Terminal

“Its performance with our works both in quality and proven expertise in marine construction, has allowed the Panama Canal Railroad to meet the commitments. Ships without delays, even in the short period of work in repairing the pier.

According to the experience of the Panama Canal Railroad Company, our recommendation is that Intercoastal Marine, Inc., is the best equipped marine contractor with the best personnel in Panama and Central America. ”

David Starling
Panama Canal Railway Company

“The efforts and professionalism displayed by IMI and its staff not only made it possible to deliver on time the project; But culminated this important project without any accident and without incurring additional reserve charges. More significantly, the work was conducted with the greatest concern for safety and environmental protection at all times. ”

Tony de la Reza
Operations Manager and Assistant General Manager
Alireza Mobil Terminal, S.A.

“Intercoastal Marine Inc. is the contractor for our Colon 2000 Cruise Port project where its execution has been outstanding.”

Alfonso Steven Tarazi
Gerente general
Ports of Cruceros de Colón 2000, S.A.


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