MIT – Berth 8


Manzanillo International Terminal, IMI constructed 20,000 m2 of marine infrastructure, with a berth 395 m in length and 42.75 m wide, founded on precast/prestressed piles (381 units with lengths of up to 50 m and weights of up to 50 tons) and steel piles (148 units with 48” diameters, with lengths of up to 47 m and weights of approximately 35 tons each). One third of the pile positions were drilled in the existing seabed (Gatún) before later driving the piles. All equipment used (barges, tugboats, and cranes) are part of IMI’s fleet of equipment.

VOPAK – Panama Terminal Expansion – Marine Works BLM1A

MPSA – Jetty Facility

MIT – Berth 8

MPSA – Intake Concrete Caisson